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Now with the most complete line of feeds, medicines, accessories, equipment, vaccines and all other agrivet products. Progressive Poultry Supply Corp., your one stop shop for all your gamefowl and pet needs.

Started as traditional wooden poultry store along EDSA in 1968 as sole proprietorship, turned corporation in 1997, Progressive Poultry Supply Corporation (PPSC) is now with its own feed mill and bigger store, with complete lines of gamefowl feed and pet essentials, including veterinary medicines, accessories, equipment, vaccines, and all other local and imported veterinary products. And now, with an on line one-stop-shop.

In more than 50 years in retail and wholesale business, PPSC has maintained and never compromise with the quality of feed products as well as it’s business integrity that makes the company name famous in the industry. It is no doubt that no one among old and famous big time breeders in the Philippines doesn’t know the name “Progressive”, and some of them would say that it is the first and the original when referring to the conditioning feeds and concentrates.

Progressive feed products are innovatively manufactured and processed thru the state of the art feed plant and packaging, and scientifically formulated by a licensed nutritionist to ensure superb quality, balanced and unique nutritional requirement of an animal, and…. as the brand you can trust.

Progressive Store offers wide range of products for walk-in customers and serving sub-dealers and other poultry stores thru Drop & Go transaction or Call Now, Pick Up Later arrangement with our experienced store staff.

Why Progressive Feeds?

We do not compromise with quality to give you the best.

Progressive feeds are specially formulated by our in-house nutritionist to match every animal’s unique nutritional requirements throughout life for energy and body growth. That means superior nutrition and superior results for every phase of production - and every stage of the life cycle. Progressive is drawing on excellence in every way to deliver the very best in nutrition for your game birds and animals.

The only brand quality approved and trusted by champions!!!



While your safety and convenience is our utmost priority, we bring you the very best of shopping convenience right at the tip of your finger, 24 hours a day!  Wherever you are, you can experience our hassle-free ONE STOP SHOP with a wider range of brands across the PH, from the smallest merchandize to the bulk of your gamefowl and pet needs.

Save your time and money while you can find out the best product you need and get product description thru item category in the product gallery. Plus you can choose among our easy and flexible payment and delivery options.

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ALLOWS YOU TO REACH US and make a window shopping or digital shopping in your most convenient time. Just Sign In and browse through the product gallery and check out every product details and the latest items in cockfighting and pets world. Sign Up now

ACCEPT AND PREPARE ORDERS anytime of the day, we can receive and prepare your orders and follow your special instructions.

PAYMENT OPTIONS. Aside from Cash, you can pay thru Credit Cards, Electronic Bank Transfer, Mobile Apps Payment (eCash).

DELIVERY OPTIONS. For your convenience, you can arrange a Door-to-door thru our Freight and Logistics partners, Call Now-Pick up Later, or Thru Delivery Truck Backload.

CONFIRMATION. Progressive Poultry Supply is committed to serve and give the customers satisfaction for what they paid and received.


Gamefowl raising and petting is in the heart of every Filipino, and to sustain this tradition and hobby, going to traditional brick and mortar store is not a prerequisite anymore, and without the hassle of getting harmed with viruses and long environmental exposure.

With this On Line Poultry and Pet Supplies Convenience Store, Progressive Poultry Supply will continue to provide and cater your gamecocks and pet needs across channels and platforms with a seamless digital customer service.

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