The breakthrough technology in increasing the animals resistance against stress and ensuring they receive the right levels of Vitamins and minerals.

Frequent use of VITAZINC will result in:

1. Prevention of "tibak" or pododermatitis in chickens.

2. Stronger immunity, bone and body framework.

3. Improve semen quality and volume on male animals.

4. Increase in fertility and hatchability of chickens.

5. Stronger egg-shell and shell membrane.

6. Stronger embryo.

7. Increase tensile strength in skin and feathers.

8. Stronger digestive system.

9. Increase agility and mental alertness in gamefowl.

10. Increase muscle strenght and power in gamefowl.

With VItazinc Tablet

 - No messy preparations 

 - No stirring required

 - Highly absorbable ingredients

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